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The stage was setup with old horror blow-up props and TV screens below the amps that play classic horror films throughout the night.  Occasionally various creatures would also come out on stage to cause a ruckus, such as a pig with a pitchfork and the John5 robot.

Ian Ross on the 5-string bass guitar and Logan Miles Nix on drums make a perfect rhythm section for John5.  They are able to switch from fast chicken-picking guitar runs to groovy blues with deep feeling throughout the very tight set.  John5 recently released a “Hell Haw” video which a shout out to his “Hee Haw” inspiration with a little twist, you can check it out here ( 

The Invasion 2019 tour with “John5 and the Creatures” to support the new album “Invasion” with guest Jared James Nichols played the Vault at the Greasy Luck in New Bedford, MA.  The show was produced by JKB Entertainment Group and they brought the show to the Greasy Luck.  Beyond the great sound and big artists coming to this venue, the food is great to grab a bite before the show starts. 


John5 mentioned that Nikki Sixx reached out to go to the premier of “The Dirt”, a movie released via Netflix of Motley Crue’s memoir written in 2001.  As John5 told the story, he said “I love this crowd, I chose to be here tonight and you guys are great”.  He then said, “I will come back here every year”

 I hope he continues making these memorable and fun videos, it brings back good memories.   John5 runs with the “Hee Haw” theme by playing a banjo and mandolin during the set, John5 style, which is mind blowing.


John5 has carved is own lane through music with his unique style and mastery of catchy simple riffs that are cool.  He has the smoothest transitions and proves it with his live medleys that take the audience on a wonderful journey of some of the most memorable guitar riffs.  John5 is a true student of rock and roll and is setting his own creative path that is truly inspirational to all musicians, he is a musical powerhouse that is fun to watch.


You can also check out his other video for his Invasion album that depicts a Scooby Doo like twist on John5’s super hero status - I am John5 here (


John5 and the Creatures will continue the tour through Canada until the end of March and finishing his tour down the west coast for some sold out shows.  He gets back on the road in May with Rob Zombie to tour throughout the summer.


It is a great experience to watch John5 live, don’t miss the chance to see him as he tours.  It’s a true delight.

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