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Show Request: Submission for a show(s) does not guarantee approval All request are reviewed by Musique Magazine staff prior to submission to artists publicity, so as not to overlap with other photographer assignments. Most large venue performances are difficult to obtain access .

Approvals: All Photographs / Conrtibutions intended for use must be submitted to Musique Magazine for approval via DropBox.( Musique Magazine reserves the right to not publish any photo(s) and or contribution that may deem the artist and or the publication reputational harm or embarrassment.

Illness: Musique Magazine understands we all fall ill from time to time, if possible please provide notification to see if we can find a replacement 


Third Party Clearances/Contracts: Contract/release may be necessary with respect to  Photography. Photographer will be solely responsible for notifying/providing Musique magazine and its affiliates of any and all individual authorizations, releases, consents, clearances, licenses, and contracts and provide a copy.


Portfolio Use: Photographer may use  Photographs  and or reference to contributions for  purposes to promote Photographer’s /Contributors work. Photographs are subject to Artist’s (or Artist’s representatives) agreement prior written approval if said work was contractual. 


 Copyright: Copyright in the Photographs shall be retained by Photographer, however may be subject to  the restrictions and Artist’s approval rights in any Agreement the photographer enters into with artist/artist management. Photographer agrees that no publication, distribution, reproduction, display, or other right under copyright will be exploited by Photographer

Confidentiality: Photographer acknowledges that the reputation of Artist/Band is highly valued and that all efforts are made to maintain integrity of the Artist/Band and Musique Magazine. Accordingly, Photographer/Contributor agrees not to disclose any confidential, personal, and or private information about Artist, Artist’s family, or Artist’s personal relationships . The Photographer/Contributor shall not defame, slander, or place the Artist/Band or Musique magazine at reputational risk.


Indemnity: Photographer / Contributor shall indemnify and hold harmless Musique Magazine from any and all damages, costs, and expenses (including legal fees) arising out of or in connection with any unauthorized use of the Photographs by Photographer, or any party acting under the authority of Photographer, or any breach of Photographer's /Contributors warranties, representations, or obligations here under.


 Terms: Musique Magazine reserves the right to alter and amend the photo /contributor consideration at will. Musique magazine reserves the right to terminate said relationship/contract with the photographer / contributor at will. Musique Magazine does not compensate Photographers or Contributors for their submission or contribution of work,  additionally Musique Magazine and it's affiliates do not pay for admission  to any performance or venue public and or private. 

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Photographer / Contributor Application
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