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Hungarian Upstarts The Hellfreaks Unleash Official Music Video for “Rootless Soul Riot”

Hungary’s hottest heavy outfit, THE HELLFREAKS, have revealed a brand new official music video for “Rootless Soul Riot”, taken from their latest studio album and Napalm Records debut, Pitch Black Sunset.

Standing unshaken and waving the flag of a new generation of modern metal, alternative and punk, the restless, driven track “Rootless Soul Riot” immediately turns the intensity up to 11. Dipped in raging punk attitude, the track boasts dashing drums and guitars to set the tone. Followed by a raging and boisterous official music video, vocalist Zsuzsa “Shakey Sue“ Radnóti embodies the frustration of being judged and trapped by her own origin and adaptability.

Founded in 2009, the quartet emerged with a marvelous discography and millions of streams on Spotify. Performing in almost every European country and gaining more awareness via their American tour in 2015, the well-experienced band from Budapest spread the word with their fifth album that was released earlier this year.

THE HELLFREAKS on the music video for “Rootless Soul Riot”:

“‘Rootless Soul Riot’ is the “last and first” music video to celebrate the release of our new album Pitch Black Sunset. This song was the very first video the band recorded for this album, and it's the final one to be released from the tracklist… for now. Even back in high school, we always felt a deep camaraderie for the misfits, the freaks, and geeks - anyone that was not considered cool. That was our gang. That was our people. We gravitated towards them because these individuals were the ones who stood out, unlike the "cool kids" who were too afraid to embrace uniqueness.

In our eyes, the real souls with genuine hearts were the weirdos like us. That's why our band, THE HELLFREAKS carry the name with purpose and see it as a badge of honor. Hand on heart, we all found solace in the community of metal, punk, or hardcore music because we rejected conformity and committed ourselves to living life on our own terms and being different personally and musically. We may not conform to any societal norms and definitely do not fit into one musical genre, but we have made it a point to be different because this is what we are.”

Watch the official music video for “Rootless Soul Riot” here:

The album Pitch Black Sunset kicks off with Radnóti’s trademark sing-along-screams on “Old Tomorrows”, raising the pulse with fast-paced punk mixed with groovy metal beats. THE HELLFREAKS stay true to themselves yet never become stagnant or pretentious – as tracks like “Weeping Willow” are driven by more modern metal interpretations and electronic interludes. With its fragile clean vocals and the eerie sounds of the guitar’s strings, the atmosphere of the song changes throughout before taking an unexpected turn into a hard-hitting core-hymn. Like the story of Jekyll and Hyde, the upstarts unveil their angry side on “Hit Me Where It Hurts”, led by electronic rock as distorted, rhythmic guitar lines set the pace with catchy metalcore beats. Followed by the restless track “Chaos”, boisterous thrash lines meet pop-punk-infused metal before closing with a Tom Morello-worthy solo. "Body Bag" offers a total contrast - surfacing like a message in a bottle with its in-your-face, straight forward 2000s skate punk vibe that fans of the genre have always wished for. THE HELLFREAKS showcase the individual musical expertise of its members when chunky riffs merge with strong beats and highly aggressive shouts, while bittersweet vocal lines call out for a feelgood song.

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