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Melissa Ferrick Signs to Kill Rock Stars, Releases Single 'Black Dress' - Album To Be Released 2024

Melissa Ferrick has announced that she has signed to iconic record label Kill Rock Stars, and released a new single, her first new music in eight years. The single, a return to rock form for Ferrick, is titled "Black Dress" and is available now across all platforms.

After eight years of working in academia, this revered live performer, songwriter, and producer is back! Ferrick’s new single “Black Dress,”out now everywhere, conjures the swagger of Brass in Pocket and the sexy groove of Bridgers' Motion Sickness. "Black Dress" is the best rock song we've ever heard from Ferrick.

Ferrick is feeling more confident in her craft, identity and sexuality than she ever has, which comes across with the new single in which she returns to form of straight-forward rock music, a genre she has not dabbled in over a decade.

Melissa's impressive career longevity as a predominantly independent artist is virtually unheard of in today’s industry and speaks to her talent and the world she has built for herself. There is her expansive body of work, mapped out over the seventeen albums that comprise her career to date, nearly all of which she distributed herself. There is the inspiration she’s taken from the incredible artists she’s shared the stage with, including Morrissey, Bob Dylan, Ani DiFranco, Weezer, and Tegan and Sarah, amongst others. There are the stories of the crisscrossed world and the things she has both gained and lost in her wake. There is the fervent fan base that has grown with Ferrick, but above all, there is the sound, a voice burnished by breakdowns and breakthroughs, refined over the thirty years she has been doing this.

Ferrick will embark on a tour of the east coast and midwest around the release of the single, tickets and more information can be found HERE.

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