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Well let’s skip over the usual opening intro stuff of most reviews, we all know they’re from England formed in the 70’s and play some fun witty and creative pop/synth-new wave. What will the evening bring?

The band takes the stage and we welcome Chris & Glenn to the stage the only original members still in the band after all these years. Opening up with a few lesser-known songs, “Footprints” and “Big Beng.” Into the third song they pulled out one of Squeeze’s well known US hits– “Hourglass.”

Then they finally one of my faves “Mussels from the Shell” which brought back some great memories. After that the band then dove into a run of the newer stuff “King George Street,” “Cradle to the Grave,” “Third Rail” and a few others…Throughout the night the band was on key bringing out other great songs like “Cool for Cats,” which featured vocals by Chris. As well as another chart topper “Tempted” which was interesting because it was not how I quite remembered, but still great to hear a different mix.

With the night almost over the band has yet to play one of their biggest US Hits…..

Christ I swear these guys had a couple of Red Bulls before the encore hitting the stage hard with

“Take Me I’m Yours” and the Red Bulls really kicked in with a blistering more upbeat version of Coffee in Bed,” a night to remember to say the least. They still got it!

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