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YELLE Releases Ultimate Ode to Fans - and upcoming live shows

Today, YELLE returns to celebrating her/their "Top Fan" with a brilliant, emotionally charged, banger of a song! The double vibe, in a typical YELLE-style, makes us want to dance while you can feel the depth of the message - even when you don't understand the French lyrics. The music video gives us a clue: YELLE, the electro pop french Queen, is now also a Mother.

After releasing their fourth album L'ère Du Verseau(aka The Age Of Aquarius) – their first new album in 6 years – in September 2020, the ongoing pandemic prevented them to come play live in America. Until now! The tour will start at the end of February in Washington DC’s 9:30 Club, and will stop in New York for 2 Elsewhere dates, before going to the west coast to play Los Angeles and end at San Diego’s influential CRSSD Festival.

YELLE returns live to USA very soon:

Sat Feb 25: Washington, DC - 9:30 Club

Tue Feb 28: Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere Hall

Wed Mar 01: Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere Hall

Fri Mar 03: Los Angeles, CA - The Belasco

Sat Mar 04: San Diego, CA - CRSSD Festival

Yelle has been modernizing pop music for 17 years now! 4 amazing albums, many world tours, some EPs and collabs and remixes, Julie Budet and Jean François Perrier have never stopped moving things forward.

Every challenge is an opportunity. Our divided society has been forced to reflect on a global scale, and in this surreal moment, we have a chance to reshape humanity in a kinder, gentler, and more intelligent light.

The duo's fourth studio album L'ère du verseau (The Age of Aquarius) celebrated YELLE’s evolution with sophisticated style. It's 10 tracks play in muted rainbows, digging deep into romantic chords and experimental techniques while exploring themes of sensuality and growth. It's danceable and fun with all the verve of Yelle's youth but with wisdom inspired by 17 years in the game.

Bred in the mid 2000s blogosphere, the French band's primary color disco was impossible to ignore. Jean-François (GrandMarnier) Perrier's gritty synths mixed with Julie (Yelle) Budet's sunny cheers. The pair was joined by fellow producer Tepr on debut album Pop Up. The candy-colored collection was cocky, sexually-charged, and ready to party. Language was no barrier for the infectious synth-pop hooks and eye-catching videos, and Yelle soon brought its buoyant party to stages around the world.

The effervescent fizz of 2011's Safari Club Disco burned bright with lush synth atmospheres and layered production. Its songs about love and living in the moment earned the trio an opening slot on Katy Perry's California Dreams tour. After a remix of the star's “Hot n Cold,” they were signed to Kemosabe Records. Tepr left to pursue a solo career, while Perrier and Budet delivered their punchy 2014 LP Complètement fou, a crowning moment that evolved Yelle's kaleidoscopic sound to broader tempos, styles and depths.

With three albums under its belt, Yelle took a pause. They released four singles in two years, while the duo considered what Yelle's next chapter could be. They embraced warm sounds and introspective lyrics as the fast life gave way to a kind of poetry. Unrushed and created in comfortable spontaneity, they suddenly realized they'd created a cohesive story.

L'ère du verseau is a rich progression, exemplified perfectly in the album's lead single “Je T'aime Encore.” Taken at face-value, it's a bittersweet love song, but buried in its rhymes lies the complex relationship between Yelle and its native country.

Heading head-first into 2023 with a new song, the first after becoming a Mother, YELLE is ready to come perform live for us, heart and banging beats-first.

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